02 March, 2014

Hair Chalk Let Downs

I love the idea of abnormally colored hair. Pink, purple, green, teal, blue, yellow, orange, silver, or anything really. That being said, not all colors/dye jobs are created equal. It takes time and commitment to have truly awesome colored hair. Unfortunately a permanent dye job is not possible right now so I decided to look into hair chalk.
Most of the options that I encounter resemble the pastels I remember using in elementary school that inevitably ended up smearing on every surface within an eight foot radius. So, when I saw that Bumble and Bumble would be releasing a limited edition, spray-on version, I was ecstatic. They were offering four colors (blue, pink, light purple, and a minty green) AND it was actually available at my neighborhood Sephora.
It took me a while to decide which color I needed and after a few in-store test sprays, I went with the minty green.
Immediately upon spraying it on my hair, I was disappointed. The smell was horrid and very potent and had definitely NOT been noticed when I had tested it at the store. But, I was willing to overlook the scent, figuring it would dissipate over time. Then the bottle ran out. I had managed to get it where I wanted but had anticipated being able to use it more than once after having spent $20. 
(The expression on my face is a representation of my feelings of this chalk) This was approximately twenty minutes after I had sprayed my hair and already I could see that the color was less vibrant than when I had initially sprayed. Which was a total let down seeing as I hadn't even left my house at this point. The chalk also rubbed off my hair and onto my outfit. :(
This is a picture from the following day, where the color is mostly faded. Unfortunately it still faintly smelled funky and had acquired a weird congealed texture.
I would definitely not reccomend this product to anyone. Despite the reputation the Bumble and Bumble has built with their products, the quality is just not found in their spray-on hair chalk. 



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