03 March, 2014

Why You Should Own a Lime Crime Lipstick

I'm a massive fan of lip products lately, and I have been buying way too many. It's gotten to the point where, in my makeup collection, I now have an "overflow" storage space designated solely for lip products. So, when I finally impulse- bought lipsticks from Lime Crime at 1 am, I was convinced I had made a mistake. After all, I have way too many lip products, and they're all great quality. Despite the positive reviews I have read about the products, I was convinced that there was no way my investment had been a smart idea.

I was wrong.

I am a huge fan of these lipsticks. I might be the number one fan, in fact. Honestly, I might go buy some more of these lipsticks once I'm done writing this post, because all I can think of are the shades I don't have but definitely need. Let's break down why these lipsticks are the best.

First, it's worth pointing out that Lime Crime lipsticks are vegan and cruelty- free. I'm a massive fan of that, and it always makes me more willing to buy a product that has some natural, good- for- the- planet formulation behind it.

Second, this product has made me a complete packaging whore. Never in my life have I been so dazzled by the packaging of a product. And it's not just the adorable lipstick packaging itself: all the packaging - even the box it came in - was completely fantastic. In a sea of boring black tubes, my Lime Crime lippys always stand out - and I love that. If you pull this lipstick out in public, you will get people fawning over the package. It's just amazing.

Third, this product smells like vanilla. It's absolutely delicious, and I always want to lick my lips or reapply it when I'm just hanging out around my house, because I love love love this smell.

Fourth, the formulation is just perfect. Not only does it deliver very high- pigmented color, it lasts a shocking amount of time. I wore my red Lime Crime lippy ("Retrofuturist") this weekend when I went to grab drinks with Jenna. I left a red lip mark on my glasses, and yet I noticed my lips still maintained that gorgeous red color. When I got home, my lips still looked awesome, and when I washed my makeup - the color was still there! I was shocked. In addition to the awesome color and incredible lasting power, this lipstick is very hydrating, not at all sticky, and very easy to apply. It goes on like butter and stays on like glue.

from left to right - Chinchilla, Retrofuturist, Geradium

Are you convinced yet? :) I can keep going. The shade range is so cool. They have really unique colors - some I would never be brave enough to try (yellow? green?) but I did try Chinchilla (a grey- purple) and was shocked at how much I love it. They also have classic reds and pinks for those that are feeling less adventurous. The lipsticks retail for $18. I considered this an investment, as I am a massive fan of less- than- $10- at- the- drugstore lipsticks, but I would honestly pay this price again and again. It is very clearly worth the price to me, and it's definitely not that steep when you consider Macs retail for $16 (and I am not a massive fan of their formulation) and many designer lines retail for up to $30 easily.

I honestly cannot wait to try more of the Lime Crime line, and I hope you are excited to as well! You can purchase all the products on their website, and I don't think they sell in stores. Get buying! :)

Xx Kate


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