04 March, 2014

The Best Lip Balm...

I've been on the hunt for the perfect lip balm for absolutely ages. It is the first makeup product I ever used, yet I have never been able to find one that hits the mark on all accounts. I want a non- sticky, hydrating, nicely scented, good value, portable lip balm. Why is that so hard to find?!

The Fresh Sugar lip balms are extremely popular and well- reviewed, so I was thrilled to get a sample of them at Sephora for my birthday two years ago. While they were decent- smelling, I really hated them because they lacked form and were too soft, so it was easy to use them up quickly by smashing them on your lips. Definitely not a good value, and I wasn't impressed with many other aspects of them too. I began to give up hope that the perfect lip balm existed.

I bought the Tokyomilk Dark Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixr in "Salted Carmel No. 36" completely as an impulse buy during Christmas shopping. I liked the idea of a salted carmel scent, I was charmed by the packaging, and $7 at Sephora for a good- sized lip balm seemed to be a steal. However, I was skeptical. It was one of those purchases where I was expecting to be let down.

I was so pleasantly surprised with this! First, the smell is literally incredible. I cracked it open and was immediately in love with the scent. It's strong, but not overpowering, and fades within half an hour on your lips, which is nice if you are wearing other scents. When inevitably it comes off your lips and into your mouth (always something to consider!), this lip balm tastes great. The texture is fantastic. It's definitely not sticky, and the "bee balm" formulation makes it very hydrating without getting your lips addicted to it (coughbabylips!cough). It feels as if I am providing a shield to my lips whenever I put it on. I wear it over lipstick, under lipstick, really whatever I feel like, and I always have it on hand. It's an amazing value. It's made with great ingredients, and the package is quite large. I've been using it since Christmas and have only made a small indentation. I know this is going to last for absolute ages.

If I was getting really picky, I would say the only drawback is that it's in a tin and not a tube. I do like tube balms because you don't have to get your fingers sticky. However, I find that since this is that beeswax formula, I just rub the excess into my knuckles, and it softens my hands as well! By no means would I ever consider using this as a hand cream - it's much too thick for that - but I don't really run into the "tin problem" quite as much with this. 

If salted carmel isn't your thing, this collection features many other delicious and unique scents, such as "Coco Noir" (chocolate and cherry), "La Vie en Rose" (rosewater, orange, vanilla), and Jenna's choice - "Clove Cigarette" (clove, lavender rose, saigon cinnamon, vanilla). I found a few testers at Sephora and smelled them all, and I have to say, every one smelled like a winner to me. I am looking forward to getting more eventually, although I know it's going to take me quite a bit of time to finish this one off! 

What's your favorite lip balm/ lip products? I would love to test them out and hear your opinions. 

Xx Kate 


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